be ever blooming.

To flourish, grow & prosper.
...enjoy the beauty. 

about us


My family is my greatest adventure, and I adore my role as a wife and mama. I have a natural draw to all things nature, especially the mountains. My love of flowers came after helping with a few family weddings. When my mom, Tina, suggested we team up, I eagerly jumped on board. I believe it is the colors and textures of  florals that bring design dreams to life. It is my goal to bring a sense of calm to this planning journey knowing you can count on us to deliver something beautiful down to the smallest detail. I am honored to be a part of some of life's most cherished moments. 

meet Jensen

I've always loved all things wedding and all things flowers, so when the opportunity arose to combine the two, I was all in!  Strolling through a beautifully designed garden on a warm, sunny day with an iced green tea in hand would be a favorite way to spend a few extra hours.  Seeing a project go from conception to completion brings great satisfaction to me, and there's nothing better then the sparkle in our clients eyes when they see their vision come to life!  I'm a wife, mom of 4 (well, 8 if you count the spouses!), and Grandma T to 7 grandchildren, so there's never a dull moment in any given day. I wouldn't have it any other way!

meet Tina

Jensen - Less green, more bloom
Tina - Loose and airy garden style


Jensen - Cosmo
Tina - Garden Rose


Jensen - Fall
Tina - Summer


Jensen - I'm a biography person
Tina - Francine Rivers


Jensen - Vanilla Latte (always hot)
Tina - Nonfat Mocha with a splash of nonfat and half pump of mocha