Apr 20

Greenery Sweetheart Tables

Some of our favorite wedding flower decor is greenery sweetheart tables. Sweetheart tables at your wedding reception should be soft and romantic, and greenery has a special way of enabling that look. There are several different ways to accomplish this, so these are just a few that Ever Blooming Floral has done recently.

Sweetheart table with Seeded Eucalyptus greenery garland and Quicksand Roses.
Gina Paulson Photography

This simple Seeded Eucalyptus garland has been embellished with some Quicksand Roses to add to the elegance level. This greenery looked so pretty draped over the sweetheart table and falling loosely to the floor.

The photo below shows some Smilax greenery that was placed across the top of the sweetheart table. It also lightly vined down the front and sides to give some beautiful dimension and flow.

Greenery sweetheart table with Smilax vine.
Jordan Voth Photography

Our last photo is and example of a fully vined greenery sweetheart table. The greenery used at this wedding was a mix of String Smilax, Italian Ruscus, and Jasmine. We also added some Pieris, Roses and Tulips to tie in with the arbor design that would be behind the table at the reception.

Greenery sweetheart table with String Smilax, Italian Ruscus, Jasmine vine, Roses, Pieris and Tulips.

Greenery sweetheart tables are as varied as the couple that sits at them. The greenery can certainly stand alone for a simple, classic look or be embellished to your heart’s content! Click here to see other ways we have used greenery on other tables and event details. Let us dream up your perfect greenery sweetheart table with you!

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