Apr 21

Updated Memorial Funeral Flowers

Memorial funeral flowers. If you’re like us, there is a certain image that immediately comes to mind when you think of past funerals you have attended. We have had the opportunity a few times now to help families honor those who have passed. Our suggestion is that these designs do not have to look traditional in any way. Instead, let your loved one be reflected through arrangements that show the types of things they loved most! Doing this gives a modern design of updated memorial funeral flowers versus something more traditional.

An updated memorial funeral flower spray featuring mauves, pinks and corals.

In the design above, a young mom was represented. She was not only well loved, but in turn loved others well. As she was full of life and happiness, her family wanted her arrangements to reflect these qualities of her life. So, using some of her favorite colors, we put a mix of premium blooms together into vibrant and beautiful designs. Our hope was to remind her heartbroken family and friends of the gift her life was to them. The uniqueness, vibrancy, and beauty she brought to them with every moment spent with her.

Of course, we wish no one had to think about this. But, if you have to travel the difficult path of laying a loved one to rest, we encourage you to buck any tradition that may come to mind. We don’t want you to be afraid to add hobby or collection items, or use favorite colors or textures. Certainly this will remind those who come to help you in grief to remember the incredible gift that person’s life was to each of them. Ever Blooming Floral can help you honor your loved one. Contact us and let’s talk about unique ways to reflect a life well lived with updated memorial funeral flowers.

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